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Welcome to Terracotta Potti.

We specialise in providing terracotta products for any requirement from the simple decorative to the practical.

All the terracotta is frost proof – we recommend that pots are kept on feet to allow air to move around them.  As a damp pot will freeze and crack.  We don’t encourage planting up urns as the roots will fill the void bigger than the mouth of the pot – making it difficult to extricate the plant later, please plant a pot within a pot, we can advise.  


We are pleased to have been asked to supply our pots to first time exhibitor Candy O'Connell for Silver Award winning garden at RHS Tatton Show "Cheshire al Fresco."


Address: Terracotta Potti, The Gardens at Vale House, Aston Lane North, Preston Brook, WA7 3PE, Tel: 01928 713330, Fax: 01928 713094, Email